Acorn Poultry Farm, Chicken Suppliers to the Eastern Cape and Port Elizabeth


Our History

Acorn Poultry was founded in 2009 as a small family-run chicken farm.

We started out with just a handful of chickens and chicken products. Steadily we grew our number of chickens and now produce more than 50 chicken value added products.

2013: We are in the process of expanding our facilities to produce more chickens and chicken products, and our expansion continues into the future

Our Philosophy

At Acorn Poultry we pride ourselves in producing extremely high quality chickens and chicken products. We produce on a small-scale and supply the premium end of the market, maintaining the highest standards of production and preparation.

Our philosophy is simple. Our chickens are:
  • Healthy,
  • Happy,
  • Humanely Grown
We DO NOT add any pork, beef, mutton, brine or any hormones to any of our products, except for our delicious Chicken Wors where the casings used are sheep casings.

We invite you to contact any of your existing customers for reassurances of our quality.


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